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When you’re struggling with debt, you want to know you’re choosing the right company to help you find debt relief. At Consolidated Credit, we’re proud to say that in 20 years we’ve helped over 5 million consumers find the relief they need. The following stories and reviews come from real clients of Consolidated Credit who have used our credit counseling services successfully to eliminate debt and regain financial control.

Please use the helpful links below to navigate through the testimonials by topics related to your financial needs. When you’re ready to get started or if you’d like to speak with a certified credit counselor to get more information, give us a call at for a free consultation. You can also take the first step to finding debt relief by completing a request for a Free Debt Analysis.

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Profiles of Debt Success

Think you’re alone when it comes to your debt problems? You’re not. Debt problems affect people from every walk of life. Read stories from real clients who’ve been where you are and faced similar challenges with debt. You’ll see how these clients were able to overcome their issues with debt and regain financial control with the help of Consolidated Credit.


Derry, NH

Bruce D.

We have had good experiences with Consolidated Credit, it has really helped learning to control our spending habits and get our financial house in order.




Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Shanna S.

I was up to my eyeballs in debt my first year out of college and didn't know where to turn. I had multiple cards, including major credit cards, store cards, etc and they had high interest rates. I saw a commercial for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. and decided to call. The professional who took my call explained the plan in detail and how long it would take me to recover. He also gave me hope that life could still go on after the process and my credit would look even better! Well, its 3.5 years later and I have completed the process!!! I am so happy to be debt free and have learned a major lesson about budgeting, how to properly use a credit card and how to monitor my spending! Thank you Consolidated Credit!!!




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Credit Counseling

Aloha, OR

Jennifer H.

After years of making bad decisions Consolidated Credit taught me to make the right ones. All I can say is this company cares. You can trust them and once you get started the sleepless nights and worry end.




West Lawn, PA

Patrick S.

My wife and I had an excellent experience with Consolidated Credit Counseling Services and have gotten ourselves out of close to $35,000 of debt.




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Debt Relief

Sea Bright, NJ

Elizabeth H.

I researched, heavily, many consolidation and/or debt reduction companies, before choosing Consolidated Credit. From the moment I first spoke with a representative, I knew I'd made the right choice. I had about $27,000 worth of debt to dig out of, one credit card had a 34 interest rate.

My credit counselor was wonderful! I got set up right away with the payments. Anytime I ever called I got treated with such respect. There were months when I couldn't pay the full amount, or I often had to delay the payment. Never did anyone EVER talk down to me. In fact, it was like I had my own personal cheering squad. They were constantly encouraging and genuinely thrilled that I was on my way to being debt free. I cannot thank Consolidated Credit enough! Having that much debt and being so scared it would never be paid off was so terrifying, but they totally got me through. Thanks!!!




Haverhill, MA

Debra T.

We recommend Consolidated Credit to anyone in need of paying off any substantial amount of debt as painlessly as possible. We just made our final payment on nearly $50,000.00 of credit card debt on just three cards. Before Consolidated Credit, we had been making payments that were less than the minimum so each month we were incurring late fees on top of the high interest rates. Consolidated Credit arranged to have our extremely high interest rates eliminated on two cards and reduced the third from 29 to 6. What this did was establish a fixed balance so that with each payment we actually saw our balances decrease. We were told that based on the total and the amount we could afford to pay Consolidated Credit monthly our debt would be eliminated in three and a half to four years! Just before the three year mark we had to work with Consolidated and the card owners to reduce our commitment. Consolidated did all the work and acquired a reduced payment we could guarantee. We finished our commitment and paid off EVERYTHING in three years and eight months!!!

My main reason for contacting Consolidated Credit was that they were advertised as a "not for profit" debt consolidator. Knowing that "not for profit" does not mean "at no cost" I was aware that this was going to cost something; but $5.00 per month was unbelievable!!! The last thing I wanted was to become involved with an entity which would attempt to profit off of peoples' misery and despair when they were attempting rectify their financial state.




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Financial Distress From Life Events

Hartwell, GA

Patricia C.

Due to multiple medical bills and pay cut, I was quickly heading into inability to make monthly payments on anything. I was faced with filing bankruptcy. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc was recommended to me by a friend and they were every bit of help that I was told they would be. I have recommended them to others that I know that need help due to medical bills and job cuts.




Las Vegas, NV

Kasey L.

Approximately three years ago, my husband and I were in a lot of financial debt. We had multiple collections, lots of little accounts, and other bills that became too overwhelming to manage on our own.

Consolidated handled all of our accounts and managed to reduce our minimum payments, almost eliminated all of our interest, and ultimately helped me to pay off all of my debt. They were professional and friendly throughout the entire experience.

Three years later I am happy to announce that we are debt free and we just purchased our first home! We could not have done it without Consolidated! I would recommend them to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their finances. Thank you!




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