Free Financial Literacy Resources

Build financial knowledge to achieve your goals.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that every person needs. If you don’t understand basic concepts of personal finance and money management and can’t apply those concepts in your daily life, then it’s almost impossible to function successfully in today’s finance-driven world.

With that in mind, Consolidated Credit offers an assortment of free financial education resources to help you build a basic literacy level for you and your family. You can expand your own financial know-how and even help your children get a good head start with their finances, too.

What is Financial Literacy?

And more importantly, why do you need it?

We offer you an easy explanation of what financial literacy is, why it’s so essential and – more importantly – how you can build a strong financial literacy level for your family. We also define eight basic areas of financial understanding that you need to know if you want to be successful and maintain stability even when faced with challenges.

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Financial Literacy Test

Not sure if you have the basic financial knowledge level that you really need to be successful? Take the test to find out now! Consolidated Credit offers a simple 20-question test to find out if you really know what you need to know to maintain stability in your daily life even in the face of financial challenges.

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Financial Literacy Statistics

A 2014 study found only three out of five adults would give themselves a good grade (an A or B) when it comes to basic financial knowledge. While some statistics seem to suggest Americans may be struggling as a result of a lack of financial education, data like this shows some encouraging trends in the progress we’re making at expanding our knowledge.

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30-Day FinLit Check List

April is National Financial Literacy Month, which makes it the perfect time to build your know-how and brush up on some basic concepts you need to know if you want to be successful. We help you make a plan to achieve a better understanding of your finances that you can complete in just one month. You give us 30 days, and we can help you establish the foundation you need to be successful.

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Financial Literacy Word of Day!

Scroll through the cards to learn key financial terms that you need to know.