Profiles of Debt Success

Personal stories of overcoming problems with debt and finding the right financial path.

Think you’re alone when it comes to your debt problems? You’re not. Debt problems affect people from every walk of life. Whether your problems were caused by unexpected life events or just by your own lack of financial education or planning, there’s a solution out there that can help you get back on the right track.

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Paula — Finding Financial Peace of Mind

Debt problems don’t just affect your physical health; your mental health is under constant stress and pressure. As a mental health counselor, Paula understands the tolls this can take and can empathize after her own problems with debt.

Wanda S. – Challenges with Debt from Early Retirement

Wanda did the right thing, met with a financial advisor and had a plan to pay off her debt before she retired. But when illness forced her into early retirement and the medical bills piled up, Consolidated Credit was here to help her regain control.

Linda P. — Discovers It’s Not Hard to Live Credit-Free

If you’re like Linda, the thought of giving up your credit cards might be terrifying. But after helps to balance your budget to get you on the right financial path with lower debt payments, you may find it’s easier than you think to live without credit.

Kelly – Specialized Help for a Special Needs Family

Caring for a special needs child can be one of the biggest challenges to financial stability that a family can face. See how Consolidated Credit helped Kelly and her husband overcome debt and a loss of income after Kelly quit her job to care for their son.

Deotha – From Reluctant to Relieved

People are often reluctant to try credit counseling because they’re not sure it’s the right solution to actually help them get out of debt. We talk to Deotha, who overcame her hesitancy to find the debt relief she needed.

Paola – Putting Grad School on Plastic

Paola wanted to focus on her studies during grad school, but without even a part-time job she wound up facing serious challenges with credit card debt accrued to buy books and cover daily expenses.

Miriam – Retail Therapy Turns into Debt Problems

Miriam’s challenges with debt started in college with credit cards she never quite paid off. A series of life events and a bad shopping habit kept Miriam in debt throughout her life until we helped her take control.