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Real clients express their relief over successfully eliminating their debt.

At Consolidated Credit, our business is built on trusted relationships that we foster with each client we meet. The path to freedom from debt is a unique journey for everyone, but these stories from past clients can help you see how credit counseling services may be able to help you.

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Achieving the American Dream

Maria Altamirano and her mother are first-generation immigrants who struggled to adapt to a new credit system and find financial stability in the U.S. Consolidated Credit helped them overcome challenges with debt and achieve the American Dream of homeownership.

Traditionally owning your own home is part of the American Dream, but for many credit card debt can be a barrier to that dream. For Maria and her family, they conquered their credit card debt using Consolidated Credit’s debt management program.

My name is Maria Altamirano. I had like a 29% APR on my credit cards and Consolidated Credit got me a really good APR of 2%. In 3 years, I paid my $20,000 debts. I always wanted to have a new house, but I always knew that in order for me to get the new house I needed to pay off my debts.

After I finished my debt management program and the housing counseling my score credit [sic] went to 790. Through Consolidated Credit they sent me an email – first time homebuyers. Victor was always available, at any time by emails, by phone calls and he helped me in every single step. From the time that I took the class, I got my house in 6 months. Buying a home – it was like a dream – because I always wanted to have a house for me and my family.

If you’re struggling with high interest rate credit card debt, reach out to a credit counselor for a free consultation. And if you’re ready to buy a home or need help staying in your existing home, Consolidated Credit’s HUD-certified counselors are ready to assist you.

Finding Success in the Fact of Job Loss

Nadine and Gerald Ehrlich’s challenges started when Gerald lost his job. The loss of income left them in a situation where they were on the verge of losing their home, but Consolidated Credit was here to help them take control and save their home from foreclosure.

I’m Nadine Ehrlich and I’m Gerald Ehrlich.

I got let go of my job after being with them for 24 years, and they were downsizing and they had to let me go.

We were devastated. We thought that was the end of the world.

All roads led to Consolidated Credit. I was fortunate enough to call up and got Barry on the phone and from then on he advised us every way to go. But everything was coming due at the same time.

He’s the optimist, I’m the pessimist so I did more crying than he did.

She was worried.

He’d say, “Calm down. We’re going to go from here.”

You gotta go each step. This is what we’ve got, then you go to the next one – and he was right all the way down the road. And I said he was better than a psychiatrist. Absolutely.

He just put our minds at ease. We sat down, we talked to him – I mean everything changed because I wasn’t in that percentage rate anymore. I was out of a job.

It qualified us for a lot of programs that Barry explained to us in detail and told us what to expect. We were doing better because we had changed a lot of things in our budget, but we still had this albatross around our neck which was the mortgage payment that was going up, and up, and up.

We went down to $804 and some-odd cents – 27 cents – and we were amazed. And it’s also for the life of the loan and this was through HAMP: Home Affordable Modification Program. And again, it was a lifesaver.

And I got a call on a Friday, saying, “Do you want to accept the offer?” I was in tears.

Every day, I come home from work and go through the gate and I smile, because I know this is ours and that is a great and wonderful comfort. I’m just so thankful to him, to Consolidated Credit, I couldn’t do enough for you guys in return for what you gave us, and that’s how we feel.

Profiles of Success

We have more stories of clients who faced challenges with debt that they overcame with the help of Consolidated Credit. From trouble with overspending to tough life choices that led to financial distress, these clients overcame all obstacles to achieve stability.

Debt Success Profiles
Profiles of Debt Success


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