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Wise Up: Good Credit by Consolidated Credit

Wise Up and Achieve Good Credit!

Learn how to improve your credit to get the score you want.

A good credit score and a clean credit report are the keys to financial success!

Most people get their first credit card long before they really learn how to manage their credit long-term. Everything you do with a credit card or loan is captured in your credit report and reflected in your credit score. Missteps like missed payments can hurt you for years, so it’s important to learn how your credit profile works.

In this course, we’ll cover all the crucial components of your credit profile and how to manage it correctly. You’ll learn how to read your credit report, how your credit score is calculated, and about key consumer laws that protect your rights. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped to manage your credit profile like a pro.

So, let’s get wise to what it takes to achieve good credit!