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Alexander F.

Alexander F

Alexander F. has been a customer service rep for the past 10 years. He attributes his longevity in the industry to his passion for helping people.

“I’ve done sales, but I like customer service better,” he says. “I enjoy helping people resolve their problems. At the end of the day, or at the end of a phone call, I feel good knowing that I’ve helped someone out of a jam. That’s my reward.”.

There’s always a reason why people fall into debt. What are some common reasons you’ve heard?

The one he hears most often: “A lot of them run into situations where they may be overwhelmed because they take out too many credit cards.”

He continues, “It usually starts off where they open one credit card thinking that they can handle it and then all of a sudden they have ten credit card statements coming in at once. And for a lot of them it gets overwhelming so they seek help.”

What’s the nicest thing a graduate from the program has ever said to you?

“I love your program. Without your help it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get out of debt.”

And he never gets tired of hearing those happy comments.

“We get calls all the time from clients who are making their last payment or have just a few months left on the program,” he says. “They often express how helpful and wonderful we’ve been and that they’ll refer more people to the program. They even cry tears of joy.”

How do you deal with a client who’s reluctant to join the program?

“I hear them out,” he says. “I let them get it out of their system and then offer possible solutions to the problem. A lot of people will call nervously saying they’ve never done this before, and so they don’t know what to expect.”

He also directs them to the Better Business Bureau, which has given Consolidated Credit an A+ rating, and to testimonials from satisfied alumni.

What do your friends and family think about your job?

“For people who don’t know how it works, they don’t understand it,” he says. “Others have said they need help fixing their credit.”

Alexander said he offers advice to his family so they don’t get into a situation where they have multiple credit cards with numerous monthly payments.

“I often tell them instead of having ten credit cards, have one or two that they can manage,” he advises. “That way they won’t find themselves in a situation where they are feeling overwhelmed and trying to keep up.”

What were your thoughts about debt consolidation and consolidation companies prior to working here?

“When I didn’t know how it worked, I had doubts because it sounded too good to be true,” he admits. “But working here, I get to see how great of a program it really is. And even for those people who reluctantly join the program, once they become familiar with how it works – and they receive their first statement and see that the interest rate is really reduced – their doubt goes away.”

How do you separate your work life from your personal life?

As a veteran in the industry, Alexander has learned how to keep the two separate.

“Some days I go home and think, ‘Man I had a rough day,” but for the most part, I try to leave work at work,” he says. “On my lunch break, I get into my car, turn on the radio, check my phone messages and recharge.”

What’s the best part about your job?

“It’s a new challenge every day and I love it,” he smiles. “Even though what I do is the same, I get to speak to a different client every day – I get to talk to the new clients coming in and the graduates so that makes it interesting.”

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