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Robyn M.

Customer Service Rep Robyn M.

Robyn M. is a part-time client services rep for Consolidated Credit. She also works as a dental surgical assistant and a phlebotomy professor, teaching students to painlessly draw blood. Why these three jobs? Because in each, she helps ease people’s pain.

“From the oral surgery, I’m helping people get out of physical pain. Here I’m helping people get out of mental pain,” she says. “And when I teach phlebotomy, I’m helping people go in a new direction in their life.”

So what inspired you to become a client services rep?

“Many people are depressed when they’re in debt, and they feel that there’s no relief,” she explains. “I enjoy being here and answering their questions and making them feel better about themselves. It makes them feel better, and it makes me feel better trying to help them.”

There’s always a reason why people fall into debt. What’s the most common you’ve heard?

“Medical,” she says. “And the second is losing a job, especially over the last five years. Once you lose a job, debt may not happen right away. It takes a couple years to catch up to you, and then you’re just in hole. It’s heartbreaking.”

What’s the most bizarre reason you’ve heard for falling into debt?

“I’ve had clients tell me girlfriends or ex-wives have gotten hold of their card and charged it up,” she recalls. “This guy called and said his girlfriend got a hold of his card and racked up $30,000.”

What’s worse, since the creditors have no proof the clients didn’t rack up the debt, Robyn says they get stuck with the bills.

How do you separate your work life from your personal life?

“There are some older people telling me their stories, and they can bring you to tears, some of those calls are just so sad, she says. “I have a great family, and I talk to them on my way home, it de-stresses everything.”

What’s the nicest thing a graduate from the program has ever said to you?

“Without us, they could’ve never done it. They couldn’t have kept the straight and narrow…. Clients are always thanking us and our company. They often tell us that they would refer potential clients to us. It makes me feel great that I’m part of this company.”

What did you think about debt consolidation companies before working here?

“Before working here, I would’ve never thought that there were honest debt consolidation companies out there.”

Robyn explains and understands potential client’s skepticism: “Because some companies take your money and run; I’ve had clients call and say, ‘I just finished with a company that took my money, and they’re not in operation anymore. I sent $3,000 to them, they never sent in my payment, and now they’re gone. I just signed up with you and I’m scared to death.”

On the other hand, Consolidated Credit has an A+ rating with the BBB, has been helping people for over 20 years and has 5 million satisfied customers.

While it’s great to seek help while you’re drowning, Robyn says the best time to seek help is before it gets to that point.

“Before you start getting over your head, call us,” she advises. “When people mention that they’re starting to have problems with their bills or say, ‘I don’t have money to pay you,’ I always tell them before you drown, before you need that life preserver, call Consolidated Credit.”

Consolidated Credit can help you avert a financial disaster

A medical emergency or job loss may be outside of your control and may leave you strapped for cash. But there are ways to prepare should such unforeseen circumstances strike. If you’re experiencing financial hardship and are having difficulty paying your bills, call us. A certified credit counselor will help you create or otherwise streamline your budget to make paying you bills a little easier. Dial (844) 276-1544, our certified credit counselors are standing by to take your call. You may also request a Debt & Budget Analysis.