Financial Education Courses

Expand your knowledge so you can manage your debt, credit and money more effectively.

This 4-part financial education course series is a simple way to learn how to build effective financial strategies that support a stable financial outlook while allowing you to reach your goals. With the right understanding, it’s easier to craft a strategy that works from the big picture view down to the finest details.

Use the course series below to build your financial knowledge base at a pace that’s right for you. If you have questions or need help creating a plan to eliminate debt that could be holding you back, call us at or complete an online application to request a free, confidential debt and budget analysis from a certified credit counselor.

Part 1: Turning Dreams Into Plans

This first lesson is designed to help you turn your overarching life goals into actionable financial plans that you can work to achieve each day. From defining your mission to making short and long-term goals that help you get where you want to be, we help you understand how to start big and then work into the fine details so you can make the journey to achieve each and every one of your dreams.

Part 2: Understanding Credit

Credit is key to your financial success. Without a strong credit profile, you can have a difficult time achieving your goals. However credit can be a double edged sword. When used correctly, it supports a healthy financial outlook, but when it’s misused you can end up with financial distress. Even if you never intend to have a credit card, you still need credit and need to know how it works.

Part 3: Building Financial Security

Budgeting and saving are essential if you want to achieve and maintain financial stability. In this lesson, we explain how to build an effective budget and how to start a saving strategy that allows you to reach your goals. From everyday expenses to long-term planning for your future, these are the steps you need to take to find true financial security.

Part 4: Reduce Your Debt

Debt management is a skill that you simply can’t live without if you’re going to use credit and take on debt. Learn effective methods for managing debt within your budget, as well as proven debt relief strategies that you can use if you face challenges that may potentially lead to financial distress. With the right strategy, managing debt can be fast, easy and effective so you can avoid debt problems.