Credit Counselor Q&A

Learn what our certified credit counselors do and how they can help you.

One of the great things about working with a credit counselor is the personal interaction you have with a certified financial professional. So don’t you want to meet the actual credit counselors that will help you when you call?

At Consolidated Credit, we understand making the decision to get professional help with debt can be hard, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Showing you our “human side” can only help you feel more comfortable that you’ll be working with real people who really understand what you’re going through.

Meet the certified credit counselors of Consolidated Credit

Angelique Q.Angelique helps foster financial health
Medical bills have a way of overwhelming even the most stable budget. As a certified credit counselor, Angelique loves helping clients overcome the financial challenges caused by physical health problems.

Ludole J.Ludole knows how the credit game works
From working as a customer service rep for a credit card company to becoming a certified credit counselor, Ludole knows every side of this business. Armed with that knowledge, he helps clients understand how to win when it comes to the credit game and how to avoid the problems most people wind up facing.

Sheila WestSheila Dreams about Credit
Ever been so involved in a project at work that you go home and dream about it? For Sheila West that means visions of MasterCard and Visa dancing in her head. After 21 years, working as a certified credit counselor has become a passion – not just a job.

Bob CornickCredit Counselor Bob Fosters You Through
Before becoming a certified credit counselor, Bob Cornick served as foster parent to five boys. He says it was a natural jump to becoming a credit counselor, since this job still allows him to help people who really need the life-changing help we can offer.

Claudia SteeleCounselor Claudia S. Helps Clients Overcome
Claudia lives by the adage, “Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.” That’s how she’s gone from advising friends and family on how to overcome financial challenges, to being a certified credit counselor here at Consolidated Credit.

Angelica O'HareAngelica – 2nd Generation Counselor
From helping around the office when her mom was a credit counselor, to sitting in the chair herself and helping clients every day, Angelica answered the call to become a certified credit counselor so she could have a job that mattered by helping her clients get out of debt.

Diana LainezDiana Lainez Has Even Dealt with Facebook Debt
From common problems like reduced income to a client who ran up a big credit card bill for a Facebook game, Diana has seen it all. Learn about the wide array of credit card problems Diana has seen as a certified credit counselor and how she’s helped clients find a solution for any situation.

Erick RErick Knows What It’s Like to Face Challenges with Debt
Think you’re the only one who struggles with debt? You’re not alone, even certified credit counselors like Erick R. have struggled with debt in their lives. Hear how Erick overcame his own challenges and how he applies that same knowledge to helping others in need.g

KimberlyKimberly Knows Debt Can Happen to Anyone
Particularly when we face a tough economy like this one, anyone can fall into debt from circumstances beyond their control. Whether it’s because of divorce, loss of income, or even giving too much to help others in need, Kimberly B. can attest that debt happens. She helps people get their lives back.

Jamel M.Jamel Helps Clients Trim the Financial Fat
As a certified credit counselor, Jamel never gets tired of seeing a client feel good when they’ve finally gotten control of debt and gotten back on the right financial path. That’s why he counsels clients to trim the fat and focus on financial health instead of keeping up with the Joneses.

Meet the expert that helps our counselors to help you

Credit counselor trainer Neil G.Neil teaches our credit counselors how to provide the support our clients need

Becoming a certified credit counselor for Consolidated Credit takes hard work, dedication, and a little help from Neil G. He’s the expert that provides the extensive training our credit counselors need to help clients address debt problems and learn better strategies for money management.

Meet Consolidated Credit’s client service reps

Robyn M.Robyn helps ease the financial pain
Robyn M. has three jobs – one working for Consolidated Credit, another as a dental assistant and a third teaching people to painlessly draw blood. You might think only two of those are related to easing pain. Yet, stress over a debt problem can just be as painful as a root canal or a bad needle stick.

Lilisbeth F.Lili Helps You Find the Financial Light
When Lili saw Consolidated Credit’s commercials on TV, she called us immediately – not to get help, but to find out how she could help others. Now as a client services rep, Lili helps clients get their lives back, even when they’re facing what seems like an impossible situation with $100,000 of debt.

Bibi K.Bibi Helps You Escape a Culture of Debt
As a first-generation immigrant from South America, Bibi was surprised by the culture of debt she encountered when she moved to this country. Now she promotes a similar financial culture to what she learned in her native Guyana. “We don’t make debt, we don’t take debt.”

Greg J.Greg J. Knows Education is Key
When it comes to helping people overcome problems with debt and avoid new problems in the future Greg J. knows that education is key. “If we know better, we do better.” That’s why Greg’s job is so important in helping his clients to truly get ahead and reach their goals.

Cleveland E.Cleveland Helps Eliminate High-Limit Problems
As a consumer, Cleveland never had any problems with credit until his creditors rewarded him with high credit limits. After overcoming his own problems with debt and learning a few essential lessons in his own life, he now uses his experience to connect with clients who are struggling.

Richard M.Richard M. Understands Your Plight
Having worked a job on commission, Richard certainly understands that managing your money can be challenging, even when things are going well – let alone when you start to struggle. Richard tells us how to regain sanity when debt has you turned around.

Rosa D.Rosa D. – Making the American Dream Happen
When Rosa first immigrated to the U.S., she lived right next door to the Consolidated Credit home offices in South Florida and she dreamed of getting a job here once she pursued her education. Now she’s living her dream by helping others to achieve their financial dreams.

Misty L.Misty Preaches & Practices Common Credit Sense
Credit is a good financial tool that you can use to reach your goals – as long as it’s used responsibly. Misty sees that in her own life, using credit responsibly to build credit before she buys a home. That’s the same wisdom she passes on to her clients.

Hope G.Hope Feels Good Making an Impact
From one bad trip to Vegas to a lifetime of shopping addiction, Hope knows debt problems can happen to anyone, and how easy it is to get in a bind. That’s why she so serious about doing what she can for all her clients and making a positive impact in their lives.

Stanley USupervisor Stanley U. Understands the Struggle
Struggling against debt is always difficult, but Stanley says it’s particularly hard on seniors who face debt problems from helping their kids or providing support and love to grandkids. See how Stanley has even helped seniors in debt recover and regain control.

Alexander FAlexander F. Enjoys New Challenges Every Day
Working for Consolidated Credit provides a unique experience when it comes to customer service. The new challenges that come with helping clients overcome obstacles every day is something Alexander really enjoys and he never gets tired of hearing how we’ve changed someone’s life.

Julie GJulie G.’s Job is about Knowledge & Trust
Being a source of knowledge for clients is a reward unto itself for Julie G. She tells us what it’s like to work in an industry that’s focused on people – particularly people who are stressed, depressed and sometimes even downright angry at their situation.

Jose FJose F. Finds Success and a New Career
When Jose’s business partner left their sandwich shop to care for his sick mother in Venezuela, Jose was left in a bind and wound up with serious debt problems. He enrolled in a debt management program, then rolled his success right into a new career as a customer service rep.


Community Outreach Coordinator

Jorge reaches out to the community at large

Using the knowledge he’s gained as both a certified credit counselor and a HUD-certified housing counselor, Jorge reaches out to people in the community at large to help them learn key financial lessons that are critical for their stability and long-term success.

Have Questions of Your Own?

Once you’ve read through some of the Q&A sessions to meet some of our counselors and hear their stories, you should have a better idea of what you can expect when you call. These are actual certified credit counselors that you can talk to when you request help. If you’re ready to get started, call us at or request a free consultation now with our Free Debt & Budget Analysis form.