2016 Looks Good for Jobseekers

If getting a job is on your to-do list this year, you might be able to cross it off and get the pay you want.

With the New Year comes new experiences and expectations. If one of those expectations for 2016 is getting a job, you just might be in luck. That’s because DHI Group, a provider of data, insights and connections for professional communities, indicates in a recent report that, “61 percent of hiring managers and recruiters in the U.S. anticipate more hiring in the first half of 2016 as compared to the second half of 2015, a slight uptick of one point from when asked a year ago.”
It's a good year to get hired if you're a jobseeker
Also according to the report, 53 percent of hiring managers say they face challenges finding qualified professionals. Another 29 percent say they’re waiting for the perfect match.

What’s more, when hiring managers do find a candidate that seems to fit like hand in glove, it is the candidate that has the final say when it comes to pay. That’s a stark difference from a few years ago when the job market was anemic and some jobseekers accepted jobs and pay below their worth. But that’s changing…

“Thirty-seven percent of hiring managers are seeing more counteroffers,” according to the report. “It’s the candidates’ market as 47 percent of hiring managers say there are positions they are unable to fill due to salary requirements for the roles. In response, more hiring managers (56% in 2015 compared to 49% in 2014) see higher salaries for new hires this year”

As more job seekers are emboldened to negotiate salary, it stiffens the competition among employers.

“The recruiting environment for certain highly-skilled professionals is the toughest I’ve seen in nearly a decade with companies jockeying for in-demand talent and candidates having their pick at ideal positions and compensation,” Michael Durney, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc., says.  “In addition to bulking up budgets to pay desired candidates, companies have to consider ongoing sourcing and identifying professionals ahead of the creation of a specific job opening. Recruitment has to be more about relationship building today than ever before.”

The signs seem to show that it is indeed a jobseekers market. And for those who are right for the job, the prospects are looking really good.  While some companies see an uptick or an increase in the number of candidates accepting job offers, others have to find creative ways to entice professionals: “Additional recruiting tactics to attract candidates like sign-on bonuses, perks such as free lunch or free gym memberships, and paying relocation costs are more frequent today than last year and some of the ways companies are trying to entice professionals.” This is a stark difference from years gone by when jobseekers accepted lower pay simply to make a living.

So where are the jobs this year?

Data from Career Builder shows the jobs are in the technology and health care sectors, as well as areas such as marketing, sales and transportation..

For a full list click here but here’s an overview – from the most unique openings to the highest salary to those that do not require a college degree.

Jobs with the highest number of vacancies that require college degree – Registered Nurse

  • Average Monthly Unique Job Postings – 296,631
  • Average Monthly Hires – 97,549
  • Median Hourly Earning – $32.04

Highest payment job among occupations that require a college education – Computer and Information Systems Managers

  • Average Monthly Unique Job Postings – 35,758
  • Average Monthly Hires – 14,001
  • Median Hourly Earning – $61.37

Followed by a close second in terms of pay – Marketing Managers

  • Average Monthly Unique Job Postings – 91,630
  • Average Monthly Hires – 8,447
  • Median Hourly Earning – $61.12

And then there are those occupations that don’t typically require a college degree such as Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers and Computer User Support Specialists.

Highest unique monthly postings for jobs that don’t require a degree – Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

  • Average Monthly Unique Job Postings: Number of openings – 1,091,024
  • Average Monthly Hires – 106,355
  • Median Hourly Earning – $19.00


The Highest Paying Job among occupations that do not require a college education – Computer User Support Specialists

  • Average Monthly Unique Job Postings – 63,533
  • Average Monthly Hires – 32,596
  • Median Hourly Earning – $22.89 per hour

Finally, the lowest paying job that don’t require a degree  – Medical Secretaries

  • Average Monthly Unique Job Postings – 23,893
  • Average Monthly Hires – 20,786
  • Median Hourly Earning –  $15.50

“This data isn’t only helpful to job seekers. College-bound students can gain insight into the jobs market and use the data as a cue to choosing the right course of study. Being armed with such insight as to where the jobs are at will perhaps save them from the burden of student loan debt,” Gary Herman President of Consolidated Credit says.  “As for jobseekers go out there, do your best and remember, if you’re looking to move to a better job and get that raise, don’t waste the extra income. Use it to pay down debt, build a balanced budget and then start saving for your future.”

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