Age may indicate which card is most appropriate

Not all credit cards are created equal. The type of card that best suits an individual depends on what they are looking for in a card and what stage they’re at in life.

Personal finance website WalletPop says that a good credit card for someone just out of school may not be the same as one for someone in their 50’s.

People in their 20’s may find that a secured card is their best option as many lack a credit history or steady income, says the website. A prepaid card’s limit is determined by how much money a person puts on it up front.

Once a family and credit history is established, rewards cards may be a good bet. The website says that spending, and charging, will increase at this point in life so accumulating awards will be easier.

Older adults with a longer credit history should be able to obtain a credit card with a low interest rate, says the website.

The Federal Reserve created a database where consumers can compare credit card terms and conditions. The database may serve as a good starting point for people who are just starting to determine which credit card is right for them.

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