Akron man pleads guilty to piling credit card debt on stolen cards

A man in Akron, Ohio, pleaded guilty to a slew of crimes, including writing bad checks, telecommunications fraud, grand theft, forgery, tampering with records and identity theft.

According to a report from Akron television station WKYC, the man, who stole credit card numbers from customers of his mother’s dry cleaning business, made a number of purchases on the cards of 34 victims in a number of neighboring towns. Most of the victims noticed fraudulent credit card debt in excess of $300 at businesses ranging from an insurance agency to a florist. The report said that many were also elderly.

According to the station, the criminal also wrote bad checks to the Ohio Department of Taxation and the Bureau of Workers Compensation and was planning to leave for Europe with his mother when he was arrested.

According to a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the man was also convicted of embezzling over $4 million from his previous employer and served three years in a federal prison before being released in 2005.

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