American Express expanding efforts to go green

American Express has made headlines recently for its excellence in customer service, and now it is making news once again with its efforts to go green. The credit card issuer has set a goal to reduce its carbon footprint 10 percent by 2012, according to Mother Nature Network, an environmental news site.

In 2006, American Express exceeded 300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Nearly 70 percent of this went to electricity, the Network reports. The credit card company’s new environmental initiative includes operating more efficiently to reduce energy costs, encouraging consumers to go paperless and using natural resources to build new facilities. The issuer has also created an Office of Environmental Responsibility, headed by senior executives, to make sure these initiatives are being met.

Cardholders are expected to receive double rewards points for making purchases at a select number of ecofriendly vendors. The American Express Take Part Members Project already allows individuals to volunteer for green efforts with funding from the company.

Rewards points can help cardholders earn everything from gift cards to cash-back. Consumers are encouraged to read all of the terms and conditions for credit cards, however, to determine the expiration date for the rewards.

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