American Express seeks to expand mobile capabilities

One of the nation’s largest credit card lenders is now looking to expand its presence in the mobile payments world, and is seeking help to do so.

An American Express executive recently said that no company can make the concept of mobile payments go mainstream by itself, and therefore wants help from both the financial and tech worlds to make it happen, according to a report from the tech news site CNET. Currently, American Express has its own mobile platform, known as Serve, which can link to any banking or credit card account, and works on all smartphone operating systems.

Speaking at a recent conference, Dan Schulman, AmEx president of enterprise growth, noted that he believes consumers will one day be able to go into a store and shop more efficiently using mobile payment platforms, the report said. This would include the ability to access coupons, budget and pay for a purchase, all with a smartphone.

The mobile payment industry is estimated to be worth as much as $44 billion annually within the next few years, but adoption is expected to be somewhat slow.

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