American Workers Want a Company that Cares

New study finds employees prefer charitable companies like Consolidated Credit

A new survey from leading staffing service, OfficeTeam, finds four out of ten workers prefer an employer who gives back. Participation in charitable activities has at least some impact on the employee’s decision to work for that company for 42 percent of the survey respondents.

This is good news for organizations, such as Consolidated Credit, who have significant involvement with local, state and national charities. It provides a competitive edge in the organization’s ability to hire the best employees for the job.

Consolidated Credit is involved with numerous charity organizations throughout the U.S. It’s part of the company’s mission to help raise the bar of financial stability for all Americans, regardless of their station. As a result, Consolidated Credit works with charities including, the United Way and Junior Achievement of South Florida.

“[Consolidated Credit] really comes in and you help people move past their debt,” says United Way of Broward County CEO Kathleen Cannon. “United Way, we work with our funded partners – our other nonprofits – and often what we do is work with those organizations to bring Consolidated Credit in so that [you] can do seminars and workshops with the staff of those agencies.”

From helping those who help others, to providing ongoing support for local charities, Consolidated Credit dedicates itself to providing financial literacy education programs for everyone. For more information on Consolidated Credit’s charitable activities, visit the Community Outreach section of the website. Job seekers can visit Careers for more information on employment opportunities with the organization.

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