Americans feeling a bit more confident

With Americans dealing with debt problems, a recent survey shows that consumers are feeling a little bit more confident when it comes to the economy.

The Harris Interactive Poll shows that 46 percent of Americans surveyed felt that the U.S. economy will improve in the next six months. Of remaining respondents, 32 percent said the economy will stay the same in that time period, while 22 percent felt it will get worse.

The numbers from the poll represent an improvement over results from a survey in May, where only 38 percent of respondents felt the economy would get better and 27 percent said it would get worse.

Regarding their households, the survey showed attitudes are also improving. Of respondents, 24 percent said they believe personal finances for their households will improve in the next six months, while 48 percent said things will remain about the same. Only 28 percent said their situations will get worse, which is the lowest amount since the survey was started in February of 2008.

Though the poll also showed that confidence in the job market is down, the most recent Monster Employment Index showed an increase of 6 percent for the month of August, which shows more jobs are being made available through the corporate websites and job boards.

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