Americans more conscious of “serious” news during difficult times

Americans are adapting with the tough times and becoming more entrenched in serious news stories while brushing off more trivial entertainment stories, according to a recent survey.

According to the latest U.S. Mood Monitor survey conducted by Euro RSCG Worldwide, 46.4 percent of all Americans had become more interested in “general news” in the past 12 to 18 months than they had been previously. Conversely, 48.2 percent of Americans said they had lost interest in matters such as celebrity gossip.

“A year into the Obama presidency and 18 months into the economic crisis, Americans are looking more closely and more critically than ever at the public issues that affect them,” said Marian Salzman, president of RSCG North America. “As households struggle to manage their budgets in the face of a dire employment market, they’re looking more closely to see whether people in power are behaving more responsibly too.”

The survey also found that domestic political issues were among many types of news that was being followed with increased attention in recent months. While 24.5 percent of women reported an increased interest in national news, 42.3 percent of men expressed more interest in the current events.

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