Apple users may have more credit card debt

Consumers’ cell phones may be linked to their personal spending habits, according to a new report.

The survey, conducted by Pageonce, a financial aggregator, found that owners of Apple’s iPhones carry more credit card debt on their average monthly bills than other phone users.

The survey found on average, iPhone users carry nearly $7,000 worth of monthly debt. Blackberry users finished a close second, while Android and Windows owners filed into third and fourth place, respectively, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Windows users carry a 35 percent lower balance than iPhone owners; however, the report noted that on average, Windows users paid nearly 25 percent more on their phone bills, spending more than $200 dollars monthly, the news source says.

Researchers examined more than 275,000 randomly selected accounts from the Pageonce’s databases, the Journal says. The credit card bill reflects expenses, monthly charges, carried balances and fees.

A previous survey by Nielsen highlighted that iPhone users were an older and wealthier demographic, one potential reason for the gap in spending. Smartphones now take up almost 25 percent of the overall cell phone market – up 7 percent from 2009.

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