Bank, hotel employees stole credit card numbers for fraud ring

Four of the 38 defendants in a recently broken identity-theft ring that stole credit card numbers from thousands of Americans and Canadians over a nine-year period worked in the private sector, handling the credit information of average consumers.

Among those indicted were two hotel employees, and one worker each from a bank and a call center. According to a report from the Justice Department, the thousands of victims of the crime hail from 27 states, Washington, D.C. and Sasketchewan. The ring would steal or illegally purchase the credit card information of thousands of consumers and use it to purchase airline tickets, which they would then resell to other conspirators at steeply discounted prices. The tickets were often purchased close to the departure time to avoid fraud detection prior to the flight.

A report from Kansas City television station KCTV said that investigators first uncovered a conspiracy between two women from Kansas City who worked in hotels in Atlanta, but soon discovered that the ring also operated out of five other major cities across the country.

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