BBB warns consumers over scam that could rack up credit card debt

Millions of consumers use every day to purchase everything from clothes to big-screen TVs, and that’s why it’s become the center of an identity theft scam.

According to a report from the Better Business Bureau, a fraudulent email has been discovered being sent to unsuspecting consumers, and while it appear to be from, it’s really from identity thieves looking to steal personal information and allow them to pile up thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent credit card debt.

The BBB said the emails thank potential victims for placing an order on and even provide a phony order number and total price. They ask that consumers follow a link in the email to “complete checkout.” Clicking that link could load a virus onto the computer or get users to unwittingly give away their personal credit card information to the scammers.

Consumers should always be aware of attempts at identity theft like this, which are called phishing scams. To protect themselves, all they need to do is not click links in suspicious-looking emails or give out their personal information related to identity and credit online or in a link found in an email.

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