Breach at web provider may affect thousands of retailers, customers

The credit card debt of a number of cardholders may be affected by a recent security snafu at Network Solutions.

Network Solutions has reported that an unauthorized code appeared on its servers, which may have stolen the credit card information of about 573,928 cardholders who shopped at online retailers hosted by the provider.

Around 4,343 retailers hosted by Network Solutions were affected by the breach, which involved transactions that occurred between March 12 and June 8 of this year. Transactions after June 8 were not affected and the company has removed the offending code from its servers.

The company has notified law enforcement agencies and has also tapped the services of a credit reporting agency in order to help cardholders protect their credit scores.

The announcement about the Network Solutions information breach comes after the introduction of new legislation by Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy which aims at protecting consumers against electronic identity theft. The Personal Data Privacy and Security Act would create harder punishments for those who would steal personal information through electronic means.

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