Brides contributing more to their wedding planning/costs, says survey

A new survey has found that while tradition dictates that the bride’s family usually takes care of the costs associated with the wedding, wives-to-be are beginning to get more involved in the planning process and even contribute their own money in order to get their special day how they want it.

According to Get Married Media, 92 percent of all brides surveyed said they were personally paying for some part of their upcoming wedding ceremony. Forty-four percent of brides added that their wedding budget was the part of the ceremony’s planning that surprised them with the most stress.

“The wedding planning process has really become a partnership between brides and wedding professionals, as they work together to determine the design and style within a defined budget,” said Stacie Francombe, founder and CEO of GMM. “The outcome is as phenomenally beautiful as they are inspirational.”

Among the items that brides-to-be were found to be spending their own money on for their ceremonies were jewelry/wedding bands, invitations, and party favors.

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