Buy Sports Tickets Without Breaking The Bank

With the National Football League season about to kick off, and Major League Baseball quickly approaching the playoffs, many Americans may want to catch a sporting event in the coming months. 

But, when budgeting, it can be difficult to find the funds to make this possible, as game tickets can be expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money that make it conceivable to go to an event without breaking the bank. 

No. 1 – Buy tickets the day of a game

With big advertising dollars behind teams and high demand, sports tickets have become extremely expensive in the past decade or so. Even getting them for face value can be costly, but people who are willing to wait until the day of a game could see significant savings. At this time, people who can't go, along with season ticket holders, are attempting to get rid of their seats, which can lead to big discounts. Sports fans who are able to secure affordable seats in such a situation can enjoy a baseball or football game with their family without having to worry about falling short on their bills.

No. 2 – Go to a game on weeknight

The most popular time to attend a sporting event is on Friday and Saturday because people don't have to go to work the next day. Sports fans who are willing to sacrifice some sleep and attend a game Monday through Thursday could find tickets are more affordable. Of course, this can be difficult to do for people who are fans of the NFL as teams only play one game a week, but MLB, NBA and NHL teams all play throughout the week. 

No. 3 – Check out college games

Sports fans who have a college team in the area could save themselves some money by attending NCAA games as opposed to professional sports. Often, these events are much more affordable. In certain instances, some of these games can be more exciting than professionals ones. For example, a college basketball team on the brink of a birth in March Madness could be a fund group to watch. Even the highest levels of college athletics has more affordable tickets than professional teams, so sports fan shouldn't be afraid to broaden their horizons and check out an amateur game.

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