Car Humbug!

The holidays aren’t just for giving – auto thieves also take.

Over the next few days, while most of us will be taking off from work to spend Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family, auto thieves will be heading to work – because this is their busiest time of year.

New Year’s Day is the second-most popular day for vehicle thefts, with Christmas Eve coming in at No. 6 and New Year’s Day tying for seventh (weirdly, with Valentine’s Day). That’s according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Last year, those three days saw nearly 5,000 cars stolen nationwide. The NICB even broke down the thefts by state, and not surprisingly, the biggest is also the worst: California suffered 10 percent of all those thefts. Texas was a distant second with 187.

Stuck in the middle of these busiest days for auto theft is the slowest – Christmas Day. However, the NICB says 1,225 vehicles were still stolen Christmas Day 2014. That’s one every 71 seconds.

Why are the holidays so popular for car thieves? We get distracted and forget to take the rudimentary precautions, like locking up our vehicles. Consolidated Credit president Gary Herman urges everyone, “Don’t make your car an inviting gift for thieves this holiday season.”

Why does Consolidated Credit care so much about vehicle theft, especially when those vehicles are insured? Herman has seen too many Americans pushed into debt by the burdens of daily life, so when a car is stolen, that means less time spent at work, getting an insurance payment that doesn’t cover the cost of a replacement vehicle, and more time away from work buying that replacement.

“With so many people running up their debts with holiday shopping, a stolen car can be the last straw that sends them into a debt spiral,” Herman says.

Even if your car is safe and sound, your credit card bills may be driving you into deep debt. Consolidated Credit has the horsepower to set you on the road to financial freedom. Call one of our certified credit counselors today at 1-888-294-3130 for a free debt analysis.

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