Card rewards can be difficult to redeem

For consumers looking to use their credit cards to help save money while traveling, they have noticed that redeeming their frequent flier miles has become a bit more difficult.

The Houston Chronicle notes that redeeming the highly touted seats for 25,000 frequent flier miles never seems to become available.

Airlines only accept a certain amount of seats per flight to be sold using frequent flier miles. The New York Times says that some card issuers are catching onto holders’ frustrations and devising their own rewards programs.

Some card companies now allow holders to accrue points, rather than miles. The New York Times says some credit cards that aren’t affiliated with any airline give one point for every dollar charged. With 20,000 points, a ticket valued up to $400 can be obtained through travel accommodation booking website Travelocity.

Whether its accumulating points or miles, it can be tempting for consumers to charge things unnecessarily in order to get more rewards. Cardholders should keep in mind that any sort of benefit from using a credit card is defeated if debt is accrued or high interest rates apply.

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