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Develop better banking habits so you can make your money work for you!

Get moving in the right direction with a better banking strategyHow you bank and the accounts you use can have a big impact on your ability to maintain financial stability. Without the right strategy, it can be a struggle to reach your goals. From choosing accounts that help you avoid fees that can drain your funds, to finding the right financial services to fit your lifestyle and goals, these banking articles from the certified experts at Consolidated Credit help you learn how to bank smarter:

  • Choose the right accounts so you can avoid fees that drain your funds.
  • Find the right financial services to fit your lifestyle and goals
  • Take control of your finances so you can spend less time worry about your money

You can also find helpful articles for how to open the right accounts if you’re an unbanked or underbanked consumer. Whether past mistakes led to account closures or you simply lack trust in banks, we have articles that can help you understand how traditional banking methods can work in your favor.

Is Mobile Banking Better?

Millennials are the first to jump on new technology that makes their lives easier, but a new survey finds they also may be the first to dump tech that doesn’t perform like they expect. This survey shows the problems with our current mobile banking experience...Read full article