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Find the latest tips, tricks and resources that promote financial wellness for consumers.

Financial wellness means you can work your way upFinancial wellness takes work, but it’s achievable even if you face challenges like limited income or too much debt. The more you understand personal finance and our economic landscape today, the better equipped you are to manage your money. It’s also important to find the best new resources available that make it easier to budget and reach your goals.

Luckily, you have Consolidated Credit to help you get ahead. In this section, you can build your financial know-how so it’s easier to budget, manage your bills, and save effectively. You can also connect with today’s top free money management resources. Find more resources from videos to self-help booklets in Consolidated Credit’s Financial Education Center.

How Credit Smart Are You?

It’s National Financial Literacy Month, which makes it the perfect time to find a range of free financial education resources. But what resources do you need? Consolidated Credit has a simple 7-question Credit Smart test so you can test your knowledge and determine what you don’t know...Read full article

Check Your Paychecks This Month

The Republican tax bill won’t affect your filing this year, but you may see tax benefits as soon as February 2018. According to the U.S. Treasury, about 90% of people will see more take-home income this month as the reform reduces how much is taken out of your paycheck. Here’s what you need to know…..Read full article