Chase rebuilding credit card arm

Though it has the second-largest credit card lending business in the nation, JPMorgan Chase is now attempting to rebuild the way it deals with customers.

The head of Chase’s credit card lending arm has undertaken a massive initiative to rebuild the way the company handles everything from outstanding debt to customer service, according to a report from Reuters. That includes rewriting the way the company charges off bad credit card debt and handles risk, as well as improving the customer service experience for cardmembers.

The company has also launched a far more comprehensive marketing plan that saw it send out 1.3 billion offers for new accounts during the second quarter of the year, up from about 850 million in the same period the year prior. the report said. As a result, cardholder spending on new accounts was 53 percent higher than in the final quarter of 2010.

Many of the nation’s top credit card lenders have had to rework the way they dealt with consumers since the end of the recession, as many are just now beginning to get their feet back under them financially.

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