Churches turn to credit card transactions for donations

A number of places of worship around the country are now beginning to offer parishioners the ability to make donations using credit card kiosks, according to a report from McClatchy Newspapers. SecureGive, a startup based in Augusta, Georgia, has its credit card readers in about 325 churches all around the country.

“A lot of people just don’t carry checkbooks,” Stuart Baker, director of sales and marketing for SecureGive, told the news agency. “We’re moving into a cashless society. From a practical standpoint, it allows people to do what they already want to do – give.”

However, some churches have been reluctant to adopt the technology, the report said. This is largely because many older parishioners are uncomfortable making electronic transactions and prefer to give using cash or checks.

Churches are just one of several different nonprofit organizations to adopt credit card readers as a way to drive more donations. Others, such as the Salvation Army and Girl Scouts of America, have done the same.

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