Citi reveals breach was larger than first thought

Succumbing to pressure from lawmakers, one of the nation’s largest banks revealed more details about a data breach that opened up hundreds of thousands of members to being hit with fraudulent credit card debt.

Citibank recently revealed that the extent of the data breach with which it was recently hit was far broader than originally stated, according to a report from the Washington Post. Originally, it said about 1 percent of its 21 million North American cardholders were affected, but now admit that more than 360,000 consumers – all of them in the U.S. – were victimized. However, the company also said that 142,426 of the breached accounts were no longer active.

The most broadly affected states were California (80,454), Texas (44,134), Illinois (30,054) and New York (25,312), the report said. The company has already reissued 217,657 new credit cards to consumers affected by the data breach.

Information included in the data breach included consumers’ names, addresses, email addresses and credit card numbers, the report said. However, Social Security numbers and other critical account details such as security codes and expiration dates were not accessed.

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