Colorado first state to drop minimum wage rate since 1938

Workers struggling to get by financially as they work through credit card debt may hope that a trend is not emerging in Colorado, which recently became the first state to drop its minimum wage since 1938.

Effective January 1, Colorado enacted a reduction to its state minimum wage of 3 cents-per-hour to $7.25 – the Federal wage minimum, according to the U.S. Labor Department. The move is being instituted in an attempt to protect workers who receive the low wage from receiving uneven paychecks, the Associated Press reported.

The reduction of wages is the first to be implemented by a state since the adoption of the federal minimum wage program more than 70 years earlier.

“It is hard to make it, hard to get by,” John Mullen, an unemployed construction worker said of his memories of making minimum wage. “You’d get paid every Friday, have enough money to go catch a poker game or take your girl out to a dinner. But the law is the law. What can you do?”

Despite the historic decrease occurring in Colorado, Washington D.C. along with 13 other states currently have minimum wage rates above the federal $7.25 minimum, PressTV recently reported.

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