Consolidated Credit Announces Video Contest Winners

Consolidated Credit gave consumers a chance to win a FREE iPad in their “Reasons Why Debt Sucks” YouTube video contest. After carefully evaluating each submission based on how consumers got into debt and what they’re doing to dig themselves out, Consolidated Credit has chosen a winner!

The video contest was created in hopes of letting regular people share their true stories of debt management in a creative and artistic way. With the debt in America constantly growing due to increased unemployment, high gas prices and poor money management skills, Consolidated Credit urges consumers to be aware of spending habits and more importantly, to know that there is a way out of debt.

At Consolidated Credit, we hope that other people can hear these true stories and be inspired to make changes to their lifestyle. Freedom from debt is achievable. These videos are proof.

The winning video was chosen based on clarity, creativeness, and uniqueness. It was evaluated by the certified financial counselors who have helped numerous people get back on their feet to a debt-free life.

The grand prize winner is Adam Bush. Consolidated Credit hopes that Mr. Bush’s story will inspire others to analyze their current financial situation and take action. From starting a small business to consolidating different credit lines, there are countless ways to dig out of debt.

Consolidated Credit would also like to congratulate Brittany Jones-Cooper and Dave Siriano, the second and third place winners of the contest. All entrants had compelling stories, but the three chosen demonstrated great story-telling combined with actionable advice that most Americans can use. Please visit to view the videos.

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