Consolidated Credit Introduces the “Budget Tool” iPhone Application

A budget is important part of managing personal finances; however, many people avoid this task because they think it’s too hard or a budget will stop them from enjoying life. The financial experts at Consolidated Credit are committed to making budgeting easy and more accessible.

Consolidated Credit is proud to introduce its Free Budget Tool iPhone Application. The Budget Tool provides six common categories with numerous sub-categories to make organization simple.

Budget Tool iPhone ApplicationThis light weight application gives people the ability to track their total expenses and generates a simple graph of overall spending. The Budget Tool provides the ability to export spreadsheets via email allowing people to view their monthly spending, as well as compare their monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets. One of the best features is that it’s free.

The Budget Tool was created by Consolidated Credit, a leader in credit counseling. The organization provides money saving tips and strategies to get consumer finances back on track. People can use it to find out if they are living within their means and how their budget compares to the ideal, recommended budget.

Some people think that a budget won’t fit into their normal life; that weighing and measuring the dollars spent just isn’t a practical, long-term strategy. But we’ve launched the Budget Tool for the iPhone to help consumers get control of their budgets.

And the response has been fantastic. Since we’ve launched the budgeting tool this year, we’ve seen an average of over 200 downloads per day.

Features of the Budget Tool include:

  • Quick & Easy to use interface
  • Simple transaction and budget entry
  • Backup important financial data
  • Keep track of your spending in real-time
  • Track total spending expenses simply
  • Generate spending graphs for a visual overview of your finances
  • Compare your current budget to recommended and ideal budgets
  • Provides consumer tips on saving money and cutting spending
  • Ability to save notes for each expense category

You create a budget because you want to make changes for the better. If you give up, you’re right back where you started. Budgeting is a lifestyle choice, it’s a part of everyday life and it helps people make better financial choices.

To try the free Budget Tool Application download it from your iPhone or your iPod Touch at the App Store by searching for the term “Budget Tool.”

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