Consolidated Credit Recommends: Consumer Reports Kitchen Tips

Here’s how you can save money by spending less time making meals

Why would Consolidated Credit recommend a Consumer Reports’ survey of expert chefs? Because we know one of the easiest – and tastiest – ways to save money is to cook at home.

Consider a case where a husband goes out with his pals for “Buffalo wings, pizza, and beer” once a week and a wife who packs her lunch three days a week but eats out twice a week. If you total these indulgences up, the amount comes to nearly $220 per month. On an annual basis, the amount totals $2,640. Now we’re talking serious money.

But who has the serious time to prepare lunch and dinner?

That’s where Consumer Reports’ advice caught our attention. The nonprofit magazine’s 5 Tips to Save in the Kitchen might just make the difference – first in minutes, then in dollars.

While some of the tips involve spending money to save money – buying a slow-cooker, for instance – others are simply about arranging the stuff you already have.

“For example,” Consumer Reports recommends, “dishes and flatware should be kept in a cabinet next to the dishwasher; cutting boards and sharp knives belong near food-prep counter. Creating a separate landing spot, ideally just off the kitchen or along its perimeter, for mail, school papers and the like will help keep counters clear.”

Check it out, and then read Consolidated Credit’s Cost Cutting Tools and Tips, which cover everything from cars to healthcare. In debt too deep for these tips to help? Call Consolidated Credit or get started now with a request for a Free Debt Analysis. More than 5 million people already have.


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