Consolidated Credit Recommends: Hidden Jobs App

Eager job seekers can find opportunities before they’re posted publicly

Although the U.S. saw significant growth in the jobs market and employment rates in 2013, many employment seekers are still finding it tough to land the right job. When good jobs are scarce, any competitive edge workers can find is critical.

With that in mind, Consolidated Credit is recommending the Hidden Jobs App from CareerCloud. This technology allows users to get the most advance notice possible on potential job opportunities in cities throughout the U.S. Often these alerts provide users with indications of opportunities before jobs are formally posted – hence the “hidden” nature of the listings.

“Find companies in your area that are growing and you will find opportunity,” says founder Chris Russell. To that end, CareerCloud monitors company announcements on relevant issues, such as seasonal employment needs, future hiring announcements and company expansion plans. The app then provides opportunity alerts broken down by city.

The experts at Consolidated Credit would add one key point: You can’t wait for the right opportunity to come to you! You have to be proactive if you want to secure the right position that’s going to support your household and long-term financial goals.

Hidden Jobs App users gain an edge by getting advance warning on which companies in their local area may be looking to hire soon. Job seekers can apply through company websites to get their name on file even before any opportunities are posted publicly.

The CareerCloud Hidden Jobs App is available through iOS devices. Android users can access the app through a mobile-friendly web version. If you’ve lost your job and need help managing your finances until you secure a new position, read Consolidated Credit’s guide to Surviving a Layoff.

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