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It’s a sign of the times that more people are looking for ways to cut down their debt and save on horrendous interest charges. We just refinanced our mortgage with our bank this week and it felt great to take a slash out of our rate!

If you are looking for a way to cut down your debt, consolidating it might be one way to go. Consolidated Credit is a company that can help you with the basics like credit card debt consolidation (why pay interest on several cards when you can combine them into one payment?) or even debt counseling.

The first step to getting out of debt is understanding debt! Everyone needs to be accountable, and that’s why things like family money management is important. Consolidated Credit has information in all these areas on their site (they also have a Canadian site too!)

There’s a cool Debt Calculator on the site that you can use to enter your credit card balances, interest, and minimum payments. It will show you what it will actually cost you to pay off the cards if you just pay the minimum payment, and also show you how you can pay it off using their program.

Take a moment to check out their site and get some ideas on ways you can cut back your debt. We could all use some help with that these days.

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