gets a fresh new look

Revamped website makes it easier to get educated and stay informed.

Navigating the world of personal finance can be tough, but Consolidated Credit has made it a little easier with their fully revamped website, The new look and feel has been developed to make it easier to navigate, while several new features help users get educated and stay informed on the latest financial news.

As an industry-leading solutions provider and one of the nation’s largest credit counseling agencies, Consolidated Credit is always looking for new ways to provide financial assistance to consumers. This revamped website makes it easier for users to navigate through hundreds of financial education topics, as well as find daily financial news that impacts average Americans.

“Our mission is to provide critical financial education that consumers need to get ahead,” says Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit. “With this new website, users will be able to find solutions, build their knowledge base, and stay informed on important economic changes that impact us all.”

New site features

One of the primary reasons for redesigning the website was to add enhanced features that help consumers explore and identify the best debt solution for any financial situation. Site visitors can research options and even meet the certified credit counselors and client services support staff that they will work with when they call Consolidated Credit. There are also case studies that show how a debt management program has helped clients regain their control, so visitors have a better picture of how the program works.

Consolidated Credit has also launched a new video series, Explained in 60 Seconds. The videos break a wide range of financial topics down into easy-to-understand 60-second bites. The goal of these videos is to make it easier for consumers to understand each topic without wasting time.

Consolidated Credit will continue to build on this new foundation to roll out even more new site features this year.

Daily personal finance news

Although Consolidated Credit has always worked to provide important updates in the financial world, we are expanding our news content to provide daily postings on relevant financial topics.

“Plenty of websites provide personal finance news,” Gary Herman admits, “but what we want to do through is cover financial topics in a way that makes them more accessible to the average American. We’re not talking to the finance experts, economists, or investors. We’re talking to regular people who need to know how high level economic events and decisions impact everyday life.”

If you would like to access our daily personal finance news, we offer a few options to make it as easy as possible. You can subscribe to our RSS feed, or if you prefer to receive your news through your favorite social network, we provide daily news updates through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus.

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