Consumers advised to read over all terms of rewards programs

Many consumers see rewards programs as a reason to sign up for credit cards, but as the Huffington Post reports, the value of these rewards may decrease over time. Due to declining profits as a result of new legislation, credit card issuers have become more inclined to withhold more from members, including benefits such as rewards points.

Because companies are not required to set a fixed ratio for points, consumers do not typically reek all of the benefits of their programs. As a result, card holders who bank on frequent flyer miles will often find that they need to earn even more points or be charged for the difference by the airline.

Consumers are advised to read the fine print which will often say whether there is a cap on the number of rewards points that can be earned. Extensions are usually only given to new customers, as opposed to loyal members who pay on time regularly and expect the benefits.

To make the most of these programs, consumers should keep point expiration dates and hidden fees in mind before applying.

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