Consumers divided when it comes to future of personal finances

When it comes to how they feel about the future of their personal finances and being able to get out of debt, a recent survey shows Americans are pretty evenly split.

According to the poll from Country Financial, 32 percent of respondents said next year will be about the same when it comes to their personal finances. Another 29 percent said they felt things would be better, while 28 percent said things would get worse in 2010.

“With the past few months of mixed economic signals, most Americans are still uncertain about their financial future,” said Keith Brannan, vice president of financial security planning for the organization.

Brannan said that some consumers have turned to more prudent practices when it comes to trying to weather the recent economic storm, including focusing on saving money and trying to deal with debt problems. Of respondents, 50 percent said they were able to focus on saving money or investing more, which is the largest share seen in the poll this year.

There are a number of reasons why consumers may consider saving money more. For example, doing so will allow them to deal with unexpected expenses, such as those associated with medical problems or car repairs. Having money saved can also help in the case a person loses their main source of income.

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