Consumers Prefer Biometric Credit Card Verification

A new poll suggests consumers may trust fingerprint biometrics over photo identification, PIN numbers and handwritten signatures when it comes to making credit card purchases.

The Unisys online poll asked respondents to vote on which of the payment methods they felt was safest. Of more than 300 participants, 63 percent preferred fingerprint technology for credit card authentication. Photo and PIN identification received 20 and 13 percent respectively, according to the study.

“As we move to an increasingly digital era, traditional methods of identity verification will no longer be sufficient,” said Bryan Ichikawa, vice president of identity solutions for Unisys.

Ichikawa said the technology could have implementations beyond the cash register, including in health care and transportation security.

A previous poll, taken in April supported the findings from the most recent survey, as 93 percent of Americans said they were willing to supply biometric data to increase airport safety. This included new technology such as iris scans or fingerprints.

Malaysia and India have recently incorporated the technology into airports, offering biometric passports for use at security checks.

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