Consumers saving money in various ways

Saving money is becoming more important for Americans, especially with the holiday season coming up.

In a recent story for Ohio’s WBNS-TV noted that a number of consumers are joining savings clubs that are being offered by their banks and credit unions. For example, some have joined Christmas Clubs, which encourage saving money.

Count Ohio resident Larry Winter as one of those who is taking advantage of a local bank’s Christmas Club.

“I found this to be a lot easier since I retired nine years ago, with one less income,” Winter told WBNS-TV.

Along with the savings clubs, a number of retailers have put more of a focus on their layaway programs as consumers try to find a way for budgeting out holiday shopping. Both K-Mart and Sears have expanded the presence of their layaway programs on their websites.

There are a number of other ways managing money can be made easier during the holiday shopping season. Consumers may consider starting their shopping early, which may lead to some discounts on shipping. Also, people may consider picking up a second job in order to find some debt help.

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