Consumers urged to protect personal data while traveling

As security breaches become a more common occurrence in the hotel industry, the Huffington Post has some tips on how consumers can protect themselves from credit card debt while traveling abroad. While using cash or writing a check is the safest way to fly, there is no reason not to use credit or the bonuses of frequent flyer miles, as long as its done responsibly.

The Post suggests that in order to avoid theft and credit card debt, consumers should keep the accounts they use for expenses at home separate from the ones they use while traveling. Setting aside a specific card to use at the airport and hotel are the most efficient ways to prevent credit score damage and debt in the event of stolen data.

Tokenization, an encryption method, is a new way merchants can protect consumers’ credit card information. Upon swiping a card, tokenization encrypts data so that if the information is stolen in a security breach, it is still safe.

When credit card data ends up in the wrong hands, it can cause credit card debt that is difficult to recover from, making it important to protect personal data while home and away.

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