Consumers use mobile devices for shopping, financial management

New research has found that 15 percent of consumers say they have used their mobile devices for their shopping needs. The survey was conducted by Sterling Commerce, an AT&T company, to determine how many Americans rely on the internet and their phones to make purchases, manage their finances and avoid credit card debt.

Almost 96.2 percent of the respondents said that they owned a mobile device while slightly less than half said they had a smartphone. More than 60 percent of the consumers surveyed said they rely heavily on the ability to check a store’s inventory for an item on their device prior to visiting the actual location. Twenty percent said they use their devices, such as iPhones or Droids with application capabilities, to create shopping lists on a regular basis.

Applications and internet access on mobile phones in general give consumers the opportunity to check their account balances and make payments on the go as well. Because they have the ability to manage their finances more quickly and easily, Americans might have been able to repay their debt in a timely manner, contributing to falling delinquency rates across the country.

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