Credit card benefits that save money

However, according to a report by the Huffington Post, there are a number of other credit card advantages that could help you save money.

Credit card companies offer a lot of advantages that may fly under the radar for most consumers. The report cites return and purchase protection as two of the benefits evading consumer knowledge, and suggest that they might make your shopping easier.

Return protection offers consumers help with overdue returns. The service allows individuals, to appeal to the credit card company if a store will not accept an item past its return date, by as much as sixty days in some cases.

Purchase protection can be another valuable asset to a savvy consumer. This benefit offers extended security and even reimbursement, when your new camera or computer unexpectedly breaks.

American Express, Visa and Mastercard each offer a variation of the services. So next time you sign up for a credit card you may want to investigate these programs, as they may add more than plastic to your wallet.

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