Credit card companies fight for share of Internet voice

Bank of America has the highest amount of banking conversations on the web, controlling 50 percent of the dialogue, according to a new report.

Wells Fargo led other credit card companies with the highest Net Perception Score, a model used to measure customer satisfaction and sentiment toward certain brands.

The quarterly report, produced by Serendio, a customer experience analytics provider, attempts to better study the impact of blogs and social networking sites on customer perceptions. The analysis also factors in consumer reviews, ratings and statements, and studies bank services such as mobile banking, online banking and customer service.

“Consumer banking is an extremely competitive market. Banks that listen and respond to customers more effectively will win,” says Robert Pincus, vice-chairman of EagleBank.

Credit cards dominated the banking conversation, representing 32 percent of all industry-related discussion. Wells Fargo, TD Bank and JP Morgan Chase were among the lenders found to have a positive perception on the web.

Serendio, a Santa Clara, California, company surveys consumers Internet practices across many industries, including electronics, gaming and travel.

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