Credit card industry has reason for optimism

More consumers are successfully paying down their credit card debt from one month to the next, and regulatory uncertainty is being cleared up, leading many lenders to see brighter days ahead for the credit card industry.

A growing number of executives in the credit card industry say that there are many positive signs to be found in the lending ecosystem these days, according to a report from Reuters. Instances of both charge offs and delinquency have fallen considerably, lobbying has affected some change in the regulatory climate and now mobile credit card payments seem on the verge of becoming massively popular.

“We need to figure out ways in which we can grow our business in a way that aligns with what Durbin’s rules are,” former Citigroup credit cards chief Paul Galant told the news agency. “The cards businesses are incredibly vibrant and power virtually all of us today. These businesses are not going to disappear because of a single law.”

Industry experts suggest that the mobile payment industry will be worth tens of billions of dollars annually by 2015.

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