Credit card parking meters get test trial

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, next generation parking meters are getting a test trial. The 49 new meters allow users to swipe debit and credit cards for meter service, as well as use traditional coin payment methods.

The meters, manufactured by California-based IPS Group, begin a 90-day test run this month that aims to discern both the public opinion and cost-effectiveness of the new meters, the Cambridge Chronicle reports.

The announcement is the latest in a string of similar successful trials. Washington, D.C. began its test of 1,200 of the credit card meters earlier this October and recently expanded an early program of solar meters.

Los Angeles, California, implemented the meters earlier this year, leasing over 500 “Card & Coin” devices from IPS for a three year trial. The switch is anticipated to bring in over $1 million dollars, according to KPCC Wire Services.

An additional report by the L.A.’s parking revenue collections stated that IPS Group’s meters have proved more reliable, and produced more revenue than older models in their trial phase.

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