Credit card ‘skimming’ gaining prominence nationwide

Many consumers believe that if they take the proper precautions, they will never have to worry about their credit card information being stolen. This is not the case, however.

Thanks to high-tech scams involving “skimming devices,” which read the magnetic strips on cards and store its information, anywhere a consumer inserts their credit card can potentially pose a threat. According to separate reports from the Gainesville (Florida) Sun and Phoenix TV station KSAZ, skimming devices have been found in gas pumps and ATMs in those cities in the last two weeks alone.

A skimming device was found in a Florida gas pump, and could have gotten the credit card information from customers for an entire weekend. Similarly, police are searching for a man who used a skimming device to withdraw $500 from an ATM in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert.

If a consumer notices unusual charges on their accounts and haven’t given their credit card number out, they may have fallen victim to a scam involving one of these devices. These consumers should contact their lender, local police, district attorney and the businesses where they recently used their cards.

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