Credit cards offer holiday bonuses

For consumers looking to cut credit card debt and increase personal savings, lenders are making bonus offers to compete for holiday spending.

Discover Card is offering two percent cash back on purchases to holders of their Open Road, Motiva and Discover More cards, which typically offer a one percent return. However, in order earn the extra dollars, consumers will have to shop on the web.

“You’re seeing a lot of very good rewards cards rolling out right now,” Tim Chen, CEO of NerdWallet, told the Monitor. “One of the easiest ways to boost revenues is [for credit-card companies] to get you to swing from using it as a secondary card to a primary card, especially in the holiday season.”

Cardholders don’t need to sign up for the promotion, which is set to run from mid-November through the new year, according to The Christian Science Monitor. The offer is limited to $1,000 in purchases, which would net maximum users an extra $10 in rebates.

A recent report by USAA found that 90 percent of holiday shoppers said they would use cash this year for gift purchases. Only 41 percent said they plan to use credit cards.

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