Credit cards to be accepted at Michigan offices

Michigan residents who don’t like to carry cash on them now have a new option.

MasterCard and Discover cards will be accepted for payment at all Michigan state offices, according to Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land.

Land says that she has long understood that many consumers prefer to use debit or credit cards to pay for services and goods.

Shortly after taking office, Landin negotiated a deal with Discover in 2004 and later with MasterCard in 2008, to be accepted at PLUS offices.

Land believes that allowing customers to pay with their card is good business and only makes sense.

“It reflects our nonstop commitment to deliver the most modern, timesaving services possible,” says Land. “We’ve always said that our customers deserve credit. Now we’re giving it to them.”

The state has been slow to adopt credit cards because there are fees associated with processing them.

The National Retail Federation says that the average financial institution charges 2 percent of the total transaction to retailers in fees. Recent legislation aims to prevent card issuers from charging merchants disproportionate rates for card payments.

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